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IBS remedy that’s worth a MINT!

  12/15/2021 at 20:41 pm

Irritable bowel syndrome (IBS) is the most diagnosed gastrointestinal disorder in the world, with 20 percent of North American adults reporting symptoms of the condition. I was misdiagnosed with IBS for 20 years, come to find out I really had Celiac disease…but, that’s another story.

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Peppermint oil is widely used for irritable bowel syndrome. For many, it reduces the abdominal pain and bloating of IBS. How? By blocking the movement of calcium into muscle cells in the intestines and easing excessive muscle contraction there. Peppermint also eliminates excess gas in the intestines, in turn equaling relief from the pain!

You can’t use peppermint essential oil, but rather the enteric-coated softgel capsules which will survive stomach acid and be delivered to your intestines intact.

Because IBS can strike at anytime, not a bad idea to carry a few around with you…just in case!

Any side effects you ask? Yes, one…A minty fresh colon 

By Ilene Hills