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It all started with Sushi, a craving for Sushi that is.  It was 1995, Ilene and I were new to Plymouth, MA, and at the time there weren't any sushi restaurants in the area.  I already had sushi rice and wasabi and could make the rolls myself if I could find some Nori, the sheets of seaweed that are used to wrap the rice and the fillings. I struck out at local supermarkets and fared no better at the few gourmet shops in the local Yellow Pages.  This was pre-Google. 

I thought to myself, “I can’t be the only one looking for things like sea veggies, bulk spices, and “exotic” foods like jasmine rice. (I’m not making this up! It was not available in the local supermarkets back then!) And I was willing to drive all over the South Shore. Other people must be doing the same thing. And now there was nothing from Hanover to Hyannis.

After several months of research and some financial alchemy, Healthy Appetites Natural Foods opened in May of 1996 on Main Street in Plymouth. Three years and many sleepless nights later, we moved to Long Pond Rd. This idea, born from a sushi scavenger hunt, turned out pretty well. In 2020 we moved to a bigger, brand new space in Plymouth’s Camelot Park and there is no place we would rather be than at 11 Raffaele Rd. We love our work, we hope that shows. Thank you for letting us serve you.  custom image