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Suffering from Asthma or Allergies? MSM to the Rescue!

  03/15/2022 at 21:36 pm

MSM (between 4 and 10 grams a day) is useful in treating asthma and allergies by regulating the fluid that covers the airway surface of the lungs, and by preventing an inflammatory response. I’ve been doing 10 grams a day since September and NO MORE INHALER!!!

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MSM is safe (even if you’re on medication)…..side effects for me have been….faster growing hair/ nails, softer skin and less creaky joints. It’s my MIRACLE!

Here’s the list of ailments the book The Miracle of MSM by Dr. Stanley Jacob says MSM relieves:
Allergies..including mold which is hardest to beat
Chronic back pain
Chronic headache
Tendintis and bursitis
Carpal tunnel syndrome
Post-traumatic pain and inflammation
Plantar fasciitis
Heavy metal detoxification
Hair grows incredibly fast
Helps brittle nails
Severe back pain
Interstital cystitis
Makes skin so soft… beauty product as well as a health product!!

New uses include for lupus, snoring, breast cancer, colon cancer, parasites, muscle soreness and cramps, diabetes, eye health, stress and mental disorders. For Allergies: MSM does not act as a anti-histamine substance, that inhibits histamine production.It’s effectiveness is due to it’s ability to block the receptivity of histamine in the sensitive tissue of the mucus membranes of nasal passages. This process is believed to prevent the histamine from creating the inflammation, swelling, and fluid build-up that can come with allergies. MSM does not produce any serious side effects, unlike prescription medications and over the counter pain killers, and there are no known drug want to do 6000 mgs a day. That’s 3 caps in the morning and 3 caps at night. You want to split up the dose because MSM only stays in the body 12 hours.

You might be thinking you can’t use MSM because you have a “Sulfur allergy.” That is a misconception: Sulfur is an element, the third most abundant mineral in the human body. It’s not possible to be allergic to sulfur because it has no protein component. When people say they are “allergic to sulfur”, what they really mean is that they are allergic or sensitive to certain sulfur-containing substances, most notably to sulfa antibiotics (sulfonamides) or to sulfites (preservatives used in wines and some foods), or to foods with a high sulfur content (broccoli or cauliflower). Individuals with allergies to sulfa drugs or to sulfites do not experience problems taking MSM, because apart from sulfur, MSM bears no relation to these substances.

By Ilene Hills