Healthy Appetites Natural Foods is family-owned and operated with many loyal customers in Plymouth and beyond. We pride ourselves on our reputation for having the widest selection of supplements under one roof in the Plymouth area, and we promise our customers that we will continue to provide them with everyday savings for health foods and brand name vitamins in years to come.

Jeff and Ilene Hills are on PacTV's Talk of the Towne monthly for the latest nutrition and supplement information. If you have a question you’d like Jeff and Ilene to answer on air during their monthly show please contact us. Also, be sure to “Like” their Facebook and Instagram pages.

Our in-store staff is always available to provide customers with professional advice about supplements and healthy dietary choices.  You‘ll see, it‘s not our size but our service that makes us stand out. Happy customers are our goal. We think of ourselves as Plymouth‘s leading manufacturer of happy customers. Not that we don‘t make the most of our space! People are routinely amazed that we pack the number items we have into our humble location. Like the commercials say: “We‘re a small store, we only have room for the best!”