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Anti-aging Supplement Some Call an ‘Instant Face Lift’

Ten years ago, at 37-years-old, I started using a supplement called Hyaluronic Acid for my arthritis. It works so well I forget my achy joints at times. But, another funny thing happened — customers started asking if I had had a face lift, and a couple even checked for surgical scars!  I found out HA is also great for aging skin. Now (at 47!) I bathe in it internally and externally.

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Does Gluten Free = Bikini Ready?

This week I had a few women customers buying gluten free doughnuts claiming they had read eating the Gluten Free way helps you lose weight.  I did some research, mostly women’s magazines, and they do tout “Going gluten-free helps to eliminate symptoms such as diarrhea, bloating and excessive gas. Yes, that is TRUE…if you have a sensitivity to gluten….they don’t mention that part.

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